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Brew More.
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SSV Limited.

Brew More.
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End-to-end Solutions


Your brewery and its home are unique, so we design every brewhouse or installation to suit you. Bespoke design as standard, with everything from your choice of vessels right through to pipe routes and stair positioning taken into account.

Our in-house design team use 2D and 3D software to optimise the use of space. The end result is your brewhouse, designed your way. Something that works for you and your needs. And every SSV Limited tank, product and part comes with high specification as standard, fully compliant with all relevant legislation, independently tested and verified by SGS or Lloyd’s of London. The best in the business.


No matter the size and scale of your installation, we can take care of delivery from the factory to the brewery floor. It doesn’t matter whether you’re after a single tank, or a 250,000hl turnkey solution, our dedicated ingress partners can help. What’s more, we can take away your old equipment too, delivering on to a buyer if needs be. We’ll take the logistics totally out of your hands.

Our design department will ensure everything fits during the planning phase, leaving the ingress team to offload, position, line and level your new equipment. We have access to all the tools and techniques needed to ensure a flawless delivery, whether it requires a simple 4t counterbalance truck, an 18t Versa lift, or a 50t crane. If there’s room, we’ll find a way.

We’re fully insured for all eventualities, from the moment a tank leaves China to the moment it arrives at your door, or in final position if we’re installing too. And your employees, buildings, possessions and other equipment are covered too.


Whether you need tanks, a brewhouse, or a complete setup we offer a full turnkey installation service. Our in-house team are there to ensure the process is as quick and efficient as possible, completing every installation to the highest standard.

The process starts with the design team, who will survey the site in person. Their attention to detail is then carried throughout the process. The end result is a brewhouse left safe, clean and ready to work.

SSV Limited installation teams work on all our projects, and they’re fully up to date on new technology and installation best practice. We’re Safe Contractor approved, so you can be confident everyone on the job has appropriate training and certifications. From coded welders, to 17th Edition certified electricians, every team member has skills to contribute.


All electrical work is overseen by our specialist UK team, ensuring that your brew kit is ready to go with support in place once it arrives at the brewery. We only use European suppliers of electrical equipment, ensuring there are always spares and accessories readily available.

Our team of fully qualified UK-based electricians will be on hand during any installation or servicing project, ensuring the highest standards and safe working practices. We can also offer details like PLC and inverter controls, ensuring every installation is bespoke and fitted to your needs.

What’s more, all safety components and circuits are designed in-house in the UK, ensuring they comply fully with UK legislation. We also keep and update all documentation in-house for easy servicing and upgrades, as well as peace of mind.


Whether your brewhouse is semi- or fully automatic, our specialist software acts as the heart of the brewing operation. As with every other component, we ensure quality as standard. Every installation comes with the latest 1500 range PLCs from world-leading Siemens Automation. Monitoring everything from energy usage and water consumption to raw materials is simple and easy.

Our code is developed, maintained and supported by UK software engineers with specialist experience in brewing and process automation. Everything can be monitored remotely. We see the same screens as you, allowing our tech specialists to troubleshoot even the most complex or indescribable problem.

Upgrades and updates can be handled remotely too, reducing time on site and costs down the line. Expansion to include new processes and equipment is easy with such a functional foundation.


All equipment is specifically designed to require minimal servicing, but on the occasions that issues do arise we have a full UK-based team ready to support your brewery. The team members servicing your equipment will often be those who installed it, meaning they’re already equipped with an in-depth knowledge of your specific needs.

Every brewhouse is delivered with a critical spares list, with key parts to swap over in the first instance. We also carry a comprehensive selection of parts, 90% sourced from European manufacturers. In most cases, these can be ordered online for next day delivery.

We know brewers are a tight community too, and with dozens of SSV Limited brewhouses now commissioned in the UK, and many more on the way, you’ll be part of a network of friendly breweries ready to share knowledge, experience and spare parts should you find yourself in a bind. We’re also looking to open regional satellite offices to further improve our servicing offering.


We don’t work in sales. We work in brewing. When you choose SSV Limited equipment, you’re joining a network of breweries benefitting from some of the best training and support in the business. We think that’s real value.

Our in-house commissioning and development brewers have come from some of the UK’s best breweries, and you’re welcome to tap into their vast experience. We offer all brewhouse customers two days free per quarter, so they can help optimise and develop your products and processes.

We’re also expanding to include experts in hops, water, malt and yeast, so before long we’ll have support and training staff ready to walk you through every stage of the brewing process. That includes monitoring industry trends and brewhouse data, so we can help you with efficiency improvements and future planning.


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