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Case Studies

Saltaire Brewery

Headline Facts

The Equipment:

  • 2 x 20BBL 0.5 bar brite beer tanks
  • 4 x 40bbl 0.5 bar brite beer tanks
  • 3 x 60bbl 0.5 bar brite beer tanks
  • Turnkey process pipework installation
  • Turnkey project delivery

Location: Saltaire

Order Placed: 28/03/2018

Design Completed: 20/04/2018

Delivery: 24/08/2018


Following a recent new brewhouse expansion Saltaire Brewery have continued to grow from strength to strength. Their products have become more widely available across outlets nationwide and the brewery has seen a large growth in demand for their small pack offerings.

Having reached capacity and having all small pack contract packaged offsite they decided to purchase a nearby building and create a bottling facility of their own to bring all of their packaging in-house and further more to allow them to contract package for other breweries.

As such they approached SSV and asked for us to initially provide the tanks for this exciting new venture. As the project progressed they asked us if we could handle the whole installation and provide a turnkey solution. This meant providing CIP systems, cooling pipework, process pipework between the existing building and the new packaging halls, services pipework and a full electrical control system with installation.

We worked with the projects team at Saltaire to create a process design that offered them maximum flexibility while also ensuring no compromises were made. We provided them a fully-customised solution based around their requirements from the tanks right through to the electrical installation.

One of the main challenges was connecting the existing facility to the entirely new packaging hall across the road. For this we laid the process pipework through a trench dug below the road to ensure that product and services transfers could be made with no disruption to the surrounding area. This also meant we didn’t depend on planning permission as we would have if we went over head with a pipe bridging system.

The installation encompassed all areas of the new facility with us integrating a filtration system, water storage plant and CIP systems. And finally connecting all of the services to their new bottling line from Moravek. This resulted in us installing a total of 1.5km of pipework and flow panel system to aid the brewing team in directing the various product movements.


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