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Brew More.
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SSV Limited.

Brew More.
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Case Studies

Salt Beer Factory

Headline Facts

The Equipment:

  • Brew-Bloc 3: Three Vessel, 20hl, Semi-Automated with Water System
  • 6x 40hl 2.0b Pressure Rated DPVs
  • 6x 20hl 2.0b Pressure Rated DPVs
  • 50kg Hopinator

Location: The Old Tram Shed, Saltaire

Order Placed: 01/02/2018

Design Completed: 22/02/2018

Delivery: 17/08/2018

Commissioning Brew: 03/09/2018


The customer wanted to develop a commercially viable brewing operation in the space behind an existing retail site. The client already owns an established brewery with a strong local brand. The premises happen to be within a UNESCO site of special interest, so planning rules meant that no structural changes or external modifications were allowed.

A key objective was to ensure that, although the client would own and operate both the retail operation and the brewery, customers would see the new site as a totally separate venue and brand. To meet this need, design and aesthetics were vital.

The client required a totally different offering to that of their existing brewery. For this reason, they opted for a German-style brewhouse, specialising in kegged formats with more hop-forward styles.
Having assessed the space available, our design team determined that the largest plant size which could fit alongside an internal tap room would be 20hl. On this basis, we advised that a Brew-Bloc 3 20hl setup would be suitable.

After a tender against three competitors, we were engaged for the entire process. The commissioning deadline was a crucial one, with the Christmas retail boom in sight.



The only access point was a set of double doors only 2200mm wide. This meant all equipment had to be specifically designed to ensure it would for through this entry point, leading to a complete redesign of the platform and vessels. The doors were also elevated 1900mm from the ground with an access staircase, so we had to ‘float’ everything to the access point before Ingres could be attempted. Further complications came from wheelchair ramps utilised by the retail site, requiring specialist equipment and a redesign of the brewhouse to avoid blocking access for spent grain removal.


Although the site was spacious, the client needed to maximise the space allotted for retail operations. This included a stage only four feet from the front of the brewhouse, and seating running six feet in front of the tank farm. All equipment had to be designed to ensure customers couldn’t reach anything or come to harm.


Due to the tight time frame on the project, the client had to proceed with renovations prior to installation. This meant building the bonded walls up to separate the retail and production areas in advance. Due to the tight spacing, we were limited to certain types of equipment we could use to ingres the brewhouse. We also needed to ensure all equipment arrived in the correct order, as there was no room to manoeuvre past installed tanks.


The client’s head brewer, Paul Spencer, completed the factory acceptance test in our facility in China, and we shipped all equipment a full week ahead of schedule. Our bespoke design service meant that all equipment was able to fit through the entrance, and in total Ingres took only three days despite the many obstacles the building presented.

Once all equipment was in position, the installation team were able to complete in full after just 12 working days. This gave the client the maximum amount of time possible to complete works with other contractors before commissioning could begin. Using a Brew-Bloc, combined with bespoke tanks, we were able to pre-test in the factory and ensure minimal snagging, with only three days planned shutdowns.

The client achieved the planned opening date, and had product on sale from the new equipment on the launch night. The brewhouse now produces a totally new range of beers, standing alongside the existing brands from their other brewery.

The equipment achieved the high level of aesthetic detail the client required, and the installation looks fantastic in such a beautiful building. The equipment is an effective advert for such a public-facing brewhouse.


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